Your digital agency specialized in Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat AR filters creation for brands

Give a new dimension to your Social Media campaigns!

Your digital agency specialized in Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat AR filters creation for brands

Give a new dimension to your Social Media campaigns!

Boost your Social Marketing strategy!

Engage your audience in an innovative and effective way!

+25% of interaction

On all the content of your brand.

+25% of interaction

Thanks to AR filters, your audience’s interaction rate is increased by more than 25% on your content.

+ 45% conversion

On all products of your brand.

+ 45% conversion

With Instagram filters, a conversion rate of 45% was observed compared to conventional posts.

8x more time

Passed on your content.

8x more time spent

Thanks to AR filters, your audience spends on average 8x more time on a filter than on a classic video.

Why create an AR filter?

How to make an AR filter?

Our team is made up of developers and designers, it is the synergy of these technical and artistic skills which allow from your brief to achieve totally fabulous filters using Spark AR Studio and a whole suite of 3D computer graphics software and Motion Design.

Endless creative possibilities

We make your brand filter tailor-made and in accordance with your graphic charter and your communication axes.
The possibilities are endless and our creativity limitless, we combine the elegance of design with the performance of interactivity thanks to the development of the code!

Analyze your audience

Measure the virality of your filters!

Track and analyze the impact of your filters on your community using powerful tracking tools.

Stay informed of the number of shares, impressions or captures of your effects, a fun and very simple way to follow the virality of your AR filters.

Frequently asked questions about creating AR filters

An Instragram filter is a video effect that can modify either a photo shooting or a video shooting which will then be posted in a Story.

Offering a filter to your visitors is an invitation to travel and share in the universe of the brand. Each of your fans (followers) has the opportunity to become a Brand Ambassador by sharing content that highlights them in your brand universe.

Absolutely, there are 5 to 10 times more visitors to increased video content.

There are several categories of filters: adding effects on the face (makeup, tattoo, rejuvenation …), adding 3D objects on the face (glasses, helmets, hats, jewelry …), modifying the camera (changes in color perception, etc.), augmented reality filter for placing a 3D object in the real environment (decoration, furniture, vehicles, etc.), possibility of creating augmented reality games controlled by the eyes and the head (quiz, retro-gaming …).

It is the development platform offered to coders and designers by Facebook and Instagram for the creation of augmented reality filters. It’s a bit like a pencil, we can all have one but not everyone does the same thing with;) For professional results, work with an agency!

The tools we use to create captivating filters are: creativity and imagination, beautiful pencils and mainly the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, After Effects) as well as Blender and Unity.

Like all interactive projects, the complexity of the desired rendering will increase the costs, so do not hesitate to contact us to make a tailor-made quote for your project. To answer therefore, a simple filter starts at 1000 € HT and can reach several thousand euros.

The validation of a filter before publication takes at least 10 days. These times can double or even triple.

Absolutely, Facebook provides a table of statistics to track the virality of your filters.

Lens Studio is the software that Snap Inc. (creator of Snapchat) to the community of Lens (Snapchat Effects) developers and creators.

It’s a kind of QR-Code that can be scanned from the Snapchat app and that will contain a link to a profile or a Lens.

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